We are the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of artistic handicrafts of Brass Art Ware, Gold and Silver Plated Art Ware, Copper Art Ware, Aluminium and Iron Art Ware.

Our company has been engaged in manufacturing of these products since 52 years and extremely successful to stand with our quality products for domestic and international market and shown the presence of our artwork in every corner of the world.

Our company initially established with the name M/s Indian Arts Ware House and J.H.Enterprises is one of the branch of it. The establishment of J.H.Enterprises was especially meant to look for the customers of Buddhist community and to produce items for their daily use and prayers.

We have been producing various items with success for Buddhist community for the last 20 years with a wide range of items which includes

Circim Sets
Kapala Sets
Butter Lamps(Embossed and designer)
Thanka(Plain, embossed, engraved, designer)
Ting Sets(sets of 7Pcs silver/brass/copper and bronze)
Singing Bowls(bronze)
Thoki(fruit stand)
Mira Kapali

Still a large variety which we have not mentioned here.

We have various customers around the world and far east asia. We would like to expand our market in Tibet and surrounding countries.

Qamar Javed Khan